Statement of Privacy

Tunerurl manages a marketing platform solution that offers supply partners and marketers advertising and monetization services/products via owned or operated application(s), digital media, surveys, and websites.



This privacy statement describes how Tunerurl gathers and disseminates data from users who engage with its services.



Through pre-installed software on smart devices, Tunerurl may provide users with separate mobile applications, widgets, lock-screen platforms, online content services, social entertainment platform(s), and/or other software features. The collection of each of the aforementioned services is not covered by this privacy statement.

Tunerurl Services for Marketing Platforms

Tunerurl works with independent app developers and publishers to place advertisements on their digital assets on behalf of its demand side advertising partners via a variety of off-network and exchange advertising channels. It plans campaigns and assigns advertising credits, either directly or through outside measurement partners.



We could gather data about your device and how you use an advertising that you see on a website, app, or other digital platform that is delivered by Tunerurl. Data that we could gather consists of:

(a) IDs for devices. Alphanumeric strings that are exclusive to your device are called device IDs. These consist of the following: Cookie IDs; Google Advertising ID (GAID) or Android ID for Android devices; iOS Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) and iOS Identifier for Vendors (IDFV) on iOS devices; and

(b) Location data, which includes: Location data we deduce from your device’s IP address; Geolocation, or the exact location of your device if you have granted the app or website permission to gather location data.


(c) Details about the network, such as the IP address, access points that your device is linked to, network type (such as WiFi or cellular), mobile carrier, network provider, or ISP, The connection’s date and time

(d) Details regarding our Software Development Kit (SDK) and apps or websites, such as the following: app identification, SDK version, and API key identifier


Additional details about your device, such as its name, kind (such as make and model), screen size, time zone, language preferences (including country code), use of apps, details about advertisements. We gather data about the advertisement that is displayed on your device, such as: The advertisement’s content type (the advertiser and category, such as gaming, finance, entertainment, or news), The kind of advertisement, The location of the advertisement (such as the website, digital platform, or application) If you looked at, clicked on, or otherwise engaged with the advertisement, information from surveys. Users may be asked to willingly take part in online surveys. Your age, name, phone number, email address, gender, occupation, salary range, family size, and other demographic data are all included in this. preference for products, transportation options, and other consumer decisions.

Additional marketing data: In order for us to efficiently deliver our services, our customers may also divulge to us, within the framework of our Marketing Platform Services, certain non-personal or personal data that they have independently gathered about you during your interaction with their apps, sites, or services.

These parties provide you with cookies in line with their own unique privacy and cookie policies and in compliance with any relevant laws. Other than what these third parties have authorized or as needed to deliver or enhance our services, we don’t utilize the information they give us for any other reason. Sensitive information such as racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical views, genetic information, health information, and biometric information are not collected by us.


We use the data we get about your device to: Show adverts on it, maybe including interest-based ads that are tailored to your tastes, interests, and locations.
for serving adverts through bidding.

Analyze and deliver information to our demand partners or advertisers regarding the efficacy of ads, taking into account their performance across various device types based on our identification of connected devices.

Don’t show you the same advertisements too frequently. Create unique audience groups to help our partners and clients target their offerings and adverts more effectively. Enhance our offerings and help clients and partners enhance their goods and services, Identify and stop fraudulent activity in order to safeguard our systems’ security. We could handle your survey answers and provide our customers’ and advertisers’ brands with access to the response data.


Tunerurl may disclose the following information about you that we gather or receive in accordance with this policy:


Supply Partners and Publishers. To better understand how users engage with their applications, sites, and adverts on their websites, publishers (the app or site publishers) may get information from us. These publishers are known as Marketing Partners. We could also share your information with measurement businesses that assist us in monitoring and attributing the adverts that we deliver, as well as data partners who offer identification and data enrichment services to help us better understand your preferences (“Marketing Partners”).

We could disclose personal data to our affiliates in order to enhance Tunerurl and/or its affiliates’ services and to better serve you and/or our clients with all of our products, which includes efficient content management.


Disclosures in the Case of an Asset Sale, Merger, or Other Transfer. Your information may be sold as part of a transaction if we are involved in a merger, financing due diligence, bankruptcy, asset acquisition or sale, or service transfer to another provider, as allowed by law and/or contract.

Transnational Transfers of Data. We shall safeguard information using other lawful means when appropriate.


Tunerurl complies with legal and privacy standards as well as its contractual duties by taking appropriate organizational and technical precautions to safeguard the information it gathers about you.



Until otherwise mandated by law or an applicable contract, Tunerurl maintains information gathered in the context of our Marketing Platform for a maximum of thirteen (13) months.

Tunerurl may keep the information it collects about you for as long as necessary to fulfill our contractual commitments or in accordance with the directions of its partners or clients who supply it.


Choosing not to get interest-based advertising from Tunerurl : You have the option to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising at any time by visiting your Tunerurl page and providing your device ID.


Survey opt-out: Every survey you do will include instructions on how to opt out, along with a skip question option that, if selected, will guarantee that your device is not used for that particular survey.



Tunerurl offers consumers’ rights related to data subjects or consumers as and when necessary, in compliance with relevant legislation.

Regulation on the General Data Protection (GDPR): Please refer to our EEA Privacy Policy if you are an EEA data subject to learn about your GDPR data subject rights:

You may exercise some consumer rights, such as writing to us to seek information about, access to, or deletion of any data we may have gathered from you within the previous 12 months.


You can choose not to have your data sold by clicking on the following link:


Subject to any contractual or regulatory restrictions, Tunerurl may share your information with customers, partners, and other third parties listed above that are headquartered in nations other than your home country.


Tunerurl may provide marketers with form-based advertising solutions that entail gathering your volunteer information for an advertisement that includes a questionnaire.


To assist us in gathering some of the data we have already mentioned, we employ cookies and beacons. When you communicate with us or our third-party partners that allow Tunerurl  to gather information about your usage of their applications, this could happen.

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